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As a world-leading new material enterprise, Kingfa Science & Technology researches, produces, and sells high-performance new materials and provides service. Kingfa provides new material solutions to create a safer, more comfortable and more convenient life

Kingfa Science & Technology is headquartered in Guangzhou Science City and owns more than 41 subsidiaries, R&D and production bases in South Asia, North America, Europe and other overseas regions. Our products are mainly independently innovated and developed, including plastics compounds, special engineering plastics, fine chemical materials, fully biodegradable plastics, wood-plastic materials, carbon fiber and their composites and other products with independent intellectual property rights

With its environmental friendliness and excellent performance, the material produced by Kingfa Science & Technology is exported to more than 130 countries and regions and serves more than 1,000 well-known enterprises in the world. Kingfa Science & Technology is committed to solve the increasingly serious environmental problems, and actively responds to challenges from changes in the global environment, and achieves sustainable development by balancing the relations between economy, environment and society

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2018 Semi-Annual Report Stock Code:600143
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